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As a musician, my relationship with music sounds and instruments has always been sacred. When I was a piano student years ago, I was amazed by the powerful sound, structure, artistry and beauty of the piano, and my interest and passion for pianos made me spend many hours in the piano shop on the basement of the conservatory, watching technicians tune, repair, string the old pianos and prepare them to perform their best.

After I graduated from the Hellenic Conservatory of Music and Arts with a B.A. in Opera Performance, I started working in NYC and CT as a music teacher in schools, but the smell of the wood and the sound of a well-tuned piano made me remember again my love for this profession.

My teacher Dick Dante, with 45 years of knowledge and experience in piano tuning and rebuilding, gave me the foundation I needed to be accepted for multiple years as a piano technician in the Interlochen Center for the Arts, the world-known Arts and Music Camp in Northern Michigan. Interlochen hosts exceptional musicians- students from all over the globe, who practice and perform supported by the 280 pianos on campus. That is where my love for piano tuning really blossomed.

I welcome the opportunity to serve your needs, take care of your piano and share my passion for this magical instrument! As an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild and a Fort Lauderdale resident, I serve the counties of Broward and Miami- Dade.

Call today and enjoy a first-time client piano tuning introductory offer!

And if you are hosting a party any time soon, also keep in mind I enjoy live-singing whatever your preferences are- a great way to also test that piano of yours!


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What We Do

Every piano is a unique, complicated, and delicate instrument that needs to be maintained and cared for. When you own a piano, you want it to sound beautiful.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned musician, keeping your piano in good order will bring joy to you heart and soul.



    A typical tuning takes approximately 2 hours and includes tuning each string to perfection.
    Completed over two visits. If a piano is severely out of tune, it can require two sessions in order to hold its tuning.



Every piano needs some extra love at some point in its life.

I will be very happy to visit your piano, assess what might be needed and discuss with you possible options, in order to bring your instrument back to perfect shape.

Following all CDC guidelines during piano tuning visits

live performances

Having been an opera singer and musician for years, I will be more than happy to bring some music to your parties, singing songs and tunes of your liking.

Contact me so we can together come up with the perfect repertoire for you!